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What We Do

Telecommunication Procurement:

Represent our customers in procuring services

Carrier Management:

Manage existing services and new products and projects

IT Consultation:

Network Design, VoIP analysis, etc.

Telecom Expense Management:

Analyze current invoices and existing contracts for potential cost savings

RFP Writing and Management:

Gather project inventories and manage the entire process

Datacenter Site Selection:

Provide site visits, Feasibility Studies and handle all pricing negotiations



At Synapse Technologies, we recognize that healthcare is changing at a rapid pace and in order to provide the best patient care, there must be a connected community of care.  The key is to build a flexible infrastructure that is open to change, collaboration,  innovation and insights that lead to improved outcomes.

Synapse specializes in providing solutions that connect both clinical and financial data across every setting: individual providers to hospital to post-acute settings to medical offices…Our experienced team designs customized solutions that reduce costs and improve operational efficiency.

We have strong backgrounds and expertise in EMR infrastructure, clinical informatics, telemedicine, and Data Driven Quality Improvement initiatives that connect clinical and financial data, leading to improved outcomes, cost savings, and operational efficiency.

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